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  • How to improve the service life of mould, cutting tool
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Metal materials and nonmetal instability will cause the instability of production, excessive reliance on artificial this problem has been plagued by us, in order to ensure the accuracy of the machining size increase abrasion resistance, increase the elasticity, eliminate stress, so that we can improve the quality of the products, reduce the cost.
Ultracold technology is the only material after heat treatment, can be used in molding tool, cutting tool, parts processing craft, can stable material size precision, improve wear resistance of materials, restoration of material mechanical properties.
Ultracold technology on the surface of materials is not limited to the processing of materials processing, internal organization and penetration in material, reflect the overall effect, especially for the heavy grinding of cutting tool, does not affect the organization structure, can use repeatedly, reusable performance is better than coating technology. The ultra-cold processing technique also has the ability to reduce the hardening stress and enhance the stability of the dimension.
Traditional industrial competitiveness must make the right changes to the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure. The guarantee of product quality will be changed by competition condition to living condition. The improvement in the efficiency of industrial products is a problem faced by industry people. Metal material foundation project is more important, however, the basis of the heat treatment work of industrial products quality is improved, while the heat treatment to metal material life, but life and performance or almost. The complete foundation of the project in addition to the heat treatment of the previous heat treatment, including the subsequent metal supercooling, is the basic work to ensure the quality of the product.