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  • The structure of numerical control handle
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The structure of tool shank of nc machine tool is divided into two kinds: integral and modular.
The working part of the tool holder is one that is integrated with the handle on the machine tool. The handle of this tool is poor in the adjustment of the machine tool and parts. In order to accommodate the changes between the parts and the machine tool, the hilt of various sizes must be prepared, so the utilization of the handle is lower.
Modular system is a more advanced system of tools, didn't put the handle can through a variety of series of modules assembled, for different processing parts and machine tools, can adopt different assembly method, can obtain a lot of kinds of handle series, it can improve the adaptability and efficiency of the handle.
The choice of the shape of the handle of the handle of the handle of the handle should be given to the rational of the advanced technology and the economy:
For some simple tools that have been used for long periods of time, without the need to assemble, you have to have a whole tool handle, so that the rigidity of the tool is better and the price is cheaper.
It is best to choose a modular tool handle when working with various varieties and small batches of parts that are constantly changing in the pore size and depth, thus reducing the cost.
For nc machine tools, especially the spindle end, changing the knife manipulator each are not identical, it is best to use the handle module type, this can reduce equipment investment, improve the utilization rate of the tool.