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  • What are the classification of the knife dish
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The knife disk is a cutting disc with multiple feeding slots, which is at the front of the shield machine, which is used for cutting the soil. The working principle of the knife dish can simply is a razor, for instance, in the process of advance gradually to clay sand into pieces, and then released into the knife dish at the back of the storeroom is the soil bin.
The part of the knife dish is:
The structure can be divided into two basic types: surface plate and irradiation.
According to function division, can be divided into: soft clay knife dish and compound knife dish. Tunnel construction is always in a certain environment, such as basic geology, engineering geology, hydrogeology and so on, according to the degree of change can be homogenous formation and composite formation, homogenous formation can be divided into two kinds, pure soft apprentice and simple layer of hard rock bottom.
Soft soil cutting wheel. In the case of the weak apprentice, you only need to configure the cutting tools, such as cutting knife, edge scraper, center knife, etc.
Compound knife dish. The composite formation of composite formation is very complex and varied, but in general it can be divided into three categories: one is the combination of different strata in the excavated section; One is a combination of different strata in the direction of the heading axis. And there's a class of both.