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  • The advantages and disadvantages of single blade boring cutt
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Hole in order to achieve the high precision processing, generally USES the boring cutter cutting tool products, in the cutting tool industry, product variety is many, take the boring tool, has the fine boring cutter, rough boring tool, non-standard composite boring cutter, cutting tool industry but also there are many different types of CNC products.
The shape can be divided into single blade boring and double still, and the hangzhou mug CNC cutting tool co., LTD. Is going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the single-blade boring tool today. The advantage of it is that it can jump wide, different hilt, different length of the blade, which can be processed by different orifice, which is more versatile. The disadvantages are mainly concentrated in the head part of the knife, but the blade of a single blade is smaller, so the intensity is not high. In addition, the efficiency is not very high, cannot achieve high in the processing.