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  • Improve tool clamping way of increasing the safety of the mi
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Cutting tools are the tools of mechanical industry, can be used to machining products, and various cutting tools, milling cutter, drill, U CNC non-standard cutting tools, boring tool. Hangzhou mug CNC tool co., LTD. Is a tool manufacturer, providing all kinds of tool products.
The cutting of knives in the industry is very sharp, and it is relatively safe to be taken seriously. One way to do this is by improving the grip of the tool to improve safety. Clamping method of high speed milling cutter blades are not allowed to use the friction of the clamping, usually with a blade with center hole, the screw clamping way, or using a special design of cutter structure in order to prevent the blades to jilt fly. The clamping force of the blade and blade is best aligned with the centrifugal force, while controlling the pretension of the screw and preventing the screw from being damaged in advance due to overload. For small diameter with handle milling cutter, the high precision and high stiffness can be achieved by using hydraulic clamping or heat expansion clamping. The article comes from baidu.