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  • CNC high speed cutting tool with the traditional distinction
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Cutting tools are tools used in machine manufacturing for cutting machining, and cutting tools can help the machinery industry complete the processing of equipment. With the progress of technology, numerical control tells the development of the cutting tool is gradually popular with a wide range of the cutting tool manufacturer, so, compared with the traditional cutting knives have what advantage?
CNC high speed cutting tool machining in mould manufacturing is an advanced manufacturing technology, the most important is the collection efficiency, high quality, low consumption of advanced manufacturing technology. Compared with traditional cutting, the cutting speed, feed rate had the very big enhancement, but also the same cutting principle, CNC high speed cutting tool to make essential leap of machining. CNC high speed cutting tool greatly improves the metal removal rate and cutting force, tool service life is greatly improved, left on the workpiece cutting heat, cutting vibration is greatly reduced. With the increase of cutting speed, cutting time was cut short, machining efficiency raised, greatly improving the life cycle of the milling cutter, improve the market competitiveness of products. Nc cutter cutting force is reduced, to make the working frequency of high speed cutting system away from the low order natural frequency of machine tool, and the surface roughness of the workpiece is of low order frequency is most sensitive, thus reducing the surface roughness.
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