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  • The most representative of the CNC roller milling chuck non-
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Hangzhou Robert nc tool co., LTD., research and development production of various high-precision BT30 / BT40 / BT50 series numerical control handle, non-standard, the quality of the production of the handle and precision in the domestic market belongs to a higher level, cost-effective absolute value. Has been used in domestic nc machine tool manufacturers.
Numerical control roller milling chuck is a strong non-standard the handle, the most representative, needle bearing design, by special arrangement, locking resistance small clamping force is high, heavy cutting knife will fall. The inner hole is designed with thick wall and strong absorbing ability, suitable for heavy cutting. Under the condition of high speed machining, the small quality imbalance can cause a great centrifugal force, causing the machine tool to vibrate during processing. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the high-speed tool system is very important.