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  • The influence of fast bit design for sharpening processing
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Fast drilling with diamond saw blade, cutting tool, is a kind of very good Robert nc tool co., LTD. Hangzhou is fast drilling, cutting tools provide fast drilling, and other tools.
Fast bit less dosage, small batch processing, and therefore should be considered when designing bit its processing technology question, as far as possible with common machining equipment and commonly used tool machining and grinding.
Shavings are flowing from the front edge of the knife, so the shape of the front knife has a direct effect on the chip and chip performance. The shavings are pressed and rubbed by the front knife during the outflow and further deformation. The base of the shavings is the most deformed, and the slippage is created along the front edge of the blade, so that the base length of the cuttings is longer, which forms a variety of crimp shapes. When drilling holes with hollow drills, the hope is to chip or shavings, which is good for the cuttings. In order to be easily machined and sharpener, the front edge must be designed to be flat and not open chip. The front edge of the knife does not need to be resharpened in use.
The rear edge of the knife is  ; The most easily worn surface of a fast drill is also the fastest surface of wear, so the edge of a hollow bit is done with a sharpening edge.
The side of the knife is divided into the inner vice and the face of the outside. From the Angle of heavy grinding, it is not easy to make the surface of the blade, so the face of the blade should be designed not to grind.