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  • The advantages of the handle system on cutting tools
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Cutting tool products have played an important role in cutting in the industry, can be processed products, industrial cutting tools products, including the boring cutter, CNC cutting tools, non-standard hilt, numerical control handle, fast drilling, and so on, are very, very much cutting tool products, each product has its own characteristics, Robert nc tool co., LTD. Hangzhou design tool products, to provide various types of cutting tools.
The handle is used to connect to machine tools and cutting tool nc tool system, has the function of fixture and the precision of measuring directly relates to whether the tool can be used properly, the handle system is the key reason for cutting can achieve the ideal effect.
Advantage of the handle system:
Fast loading and unloading tools can be achieved without self-locking.
The taper of the hilt of the handle is closely related to the inner cone of the main shaft under the force of the pull shaft.
Relatively speaking, the cost is low, and the use is good and reliable.