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  • U the structure characteristics of drilling and cutting tool
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All the staff of the hangzhou mug CNC tools co., LTD. Are engaged in their work, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future. Industrial manufacturers, enterprises know, cutting tool for production equipment, it is important to improve, and face different issues, need to use all kinds of cutting tools for cutting. The design of hangzhou mug CNC tool co., LTD., produces various kinds of knives, non-standard cutter, machine clip tool, essence, rough boring tool, U drill etc.
U drill is at the cutting edge in the modern high-performance cutting tools, it makes the numerical control machine tool processing efficiently implemented in drilling, boring, helix interpolation and cross hole boring, and by using u drill to obtain good surface quality and high precision, and the nc machine tools on the drilling is no longer a block production efficiency & other; Bottleneck & throughout; It is.
The length of the shallow hole drilling.
2, set up a double inner cooled oil channel &;
The double blade is arranged in a dislocation, with the main and the reboring function
Applicable machining center or lathe equipment