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  • The preparing work before fine-tuning rough boring cutter ma
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The boring tool is a kind of boring tool, which is used very frequently in industry. Hangzhou mug CNC tool co., LTD. Is a manufacturer of boring tools, and the price of boring knives is also more favorable. It is mainly used for boring tools such as coarse boring tool and fine boring tool.
Fine fine boring cutter machining before the inspection items: 1. Observe the use of the blade, should be taken before processing if blade need to replace the old blade should be paid attention to replace the former point partially by the wear and replace the new blade boring is bigger than before, after processing personnel should be according to the blade wear degree to conduct; 2. Fine boring cutter before use should be observed after the boring cutter tighten bolt fastening, whether if not tighten or tighten weak will cause in the hole size is not consistent, the surface roughness is bad to wait for a phenomenon.
The fine boring tool is also one of the products of mugge CNC tool, and good performance plays an important role in cutting, which can help to improve the efficiency of the work.